Casa do Gaiato The home of children

I’ve got the chance to visited the orphanage and their community in Boane.


Casa do Gaiato, is the center where children can grow up in the safe natural environment.

I am impressed with the well organized and very clean center.


There are huge beautiful farms and very considered facilities, like school, kinder garden, church, hospital, dining, kitchen, chicken farm, cow farm many various workshops….


It was like all the elements are set as they could be able to self-sustained. More than anything, children looks enjoying learning so much.


Our team is trying to plant tiny seeds on them. And it relates with our Japanese culture! Hope I could pay back something to the society with using my gift.




ボアネにあるCasa do Gaiatoという孤児院とそのコミュニティーを訪れる機会がありました。